E-Commerce for SMEs

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Online Sales for SME’s

We specialize in online store creation for SME’s allowing them to sell or trade online easily. Their stores are easy to manage and of responsive design. Payment gateway options include Bank Transfer, Paypal, Stripe and more.

ECommerce Options include:

  • Appointment booking systems
  • Subscription services
  • E-commerce Store
  • Coupons
  • Ticket Sales
  • Gift Vouchers and so much more!
The software we use also allow additional extensions such as Weekly Sales Reports, Custom checkout fields, Social Media Login, Facebook shops, Featured Product Sliders and more.

A Few Factors to Consider

When deciding to set up an online store you may need to consider the hosting package that you site sits on, ie if it’s a big site with lot’s of variables then a business hosting or VPS server may be required to enable the site load to work quickly and efficiently rather than a cheaper shared hosting package.

I personally recommend LetsHost or BlackNight myself. Also, if you plan to use a dotie domain do try to have your documentation and domain approved by the iedr in advance to save time plus have a PayPal business account set up and verified in advance too if you plan to use Paypal as a payment gateway. With this in mind it can be worth having a preliminary chat before you begin, to save yourself costly mistakes and hassle further down the line.

Check out the Digital E-Voucher scheme at your local LEO office. These are vouchers for up to €2500 toward the cost of setting up an online sales aspect to your business and can include the marketing of same too.

Feel free to get in touch for a no obligation consultation hello[at]webtemp.ie 

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