Do I need a Website in 2020?

do i need a website if i have a facebook instagram twitter account

It’s a question that many business owners ask themselves – do I really need a website in 2020? I have a Facebook page and a Twitter / Instagram account so why do I need a website?

Well, let me give you a few very good reasons why you should not only have a website, you should be thinking about getting it done now!

Okay, so you’ve had your Facebook page / Twitter account / Linkedin Page / Instagram account / Other for the past few years and it’s been getting you work and all is peachy dandy yes?

Did you know however that 56% of people stated that they won’t trust a business without a website? And that 81% think less of a business if it’s website is outdated? Those are sales you may be missing. People research online as well as asking their social connections for recommendations and a professional looking website is YOUR shop window to footfall – or in this case surfers 😉

Having a website gives you control over the look and feel of your brand, It allows YOU to chose how you want your content to be displayed, it has no limits on characters, using hashtags or not and random people can’t just diss your business out of spite! It gives you a place to store your files be they videos, pdfs, word docs, blogs, audios.. you name it. It can be stored safely for years yet, with careful design, not be in everyones’ face.

Social media is great – of course it is – it’s a whole extra channel to reach people at specific times, doing what they are doing and engaging with them on a more personal level – mix that with your website and you are on the path to profit! People feel more confident when a business has a website – a ‘place’ to go to find out more. Securing a good domain name for your website means you can easily guide people to find you online so they won’t buy from the other guys thinking it’s you!

You can track your website traffic – you can plan sharing content from your website across your social media channels and track what content they came back to view. You can invite people to sign up on your website for news or offers giving you a database of warm customers that you can reach time and time again. You can sell through your website, get bookings through your website, get appointments and quotes through your website – you can do SO MUCH through your website – why wouldn’t you want a website?

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